Photos from St. Charles Sectional May 2018


New Life Masters with Unit President Becky Hubert:  Left to right John Welte,

Michael Schneider, Pres. Hubert, Betty Goran.  Missing from photo are John Levis, Shelley Sarver, Amy Stabernow, Jill Padua

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Below are the event winners we were able to photograph. 

Congratulations to all!


Michael Heneghan/Ralph Witmer

1st in A Fri. Aft 299er


Michael Bono/ Larry White

1st in C Fri. Aft. 299er


Mary Foushee/ Mary Ferrick

1st in B Fri. Eve. 299er and

1st in B Sat. Eve. 299er


Mary Menousek/ Linda Patterson

1st in A Sat. Aft. 299er and

1st in A Sun. Morn. 299er




Amy Whitaker/ Ruth Husted

1st in C Sat. Aft. 299er


Debbie and Dale Liefer

1st in A Sat. Eve. 299er and

1st in A Sun. Morn. 299er




Micki Meyerhardt/ Irene Hommert

1st in C Sat. Eve. 299er


Mary Joan Woods/ Cathy Paulsmeyer

1st in A Sun. Aft. 299er




Kathy Essma, Kae Williams, Elizabeth Mayer (Jeff Kopolow was team member also) Sunday Swiss Event 1st in B and C


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