8/2/15 Back Stoppers Charity Game 1PM Bridge Haven .....
8/2/15 Joint 8 is Enough, 1st Sunday Swiss at SLBC 6PM .....
8/3/15 Deadline to petition for Board - Midnight 8/3/15 .....


UNIT 143 of




Hello! Our web page is published by the Board of Directors for the benefit of our members and those interested in what we offer in Unit 143 of Greater St. Louis of the ACBL.

Linda Seibert, President

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Unit 143 Fall 199er Tournament

Saturday, Sunday September 26-27. 2015

held at SLBC

preliminary tournament information; postcard to follow



Unit 143 Fall Sectional Tournament

Oct. 16-18, 2015

Blanchette Park, St. Charles, MO

details at later date...




Effective NOV 1, 2015


Deadline for submitting petitions is

midnight August 3rd, 2015

Details on how to petition for openings.


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Pro Am Charity Game for Backstoppers

Sunday, August 2 - Bridge Haven - 1PM

The Pros have volunteer; the Am's have bid on Pros

with Charity Donations going to The Backstoppers, Inc.


We support Backstoppers to express our appreciation for a life given on behalf of others.  

Backstoppers provides needed support and financial assistance to the spouses and children of all local and county police officers, firefighters, publicly-funded paramedics and EMTs and volunteer fire protection units, who have lost their lives performing their duty.


followed by

Joint Games at 6PM St. Louis Bridge Center

8 is Enough & First Sunday Swiss

Lee Hastings & Phyllis Siegel

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Clubs Set NAP Dates

North American Pairs qualifying games will be held June - August.

See the schedule which will continuously updated

as we receive additional games at other sites.

Dates & Details

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IL Senior Olympics


Tuesday, September 1, 2015 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Springfield. IL

You do NOT need to live in IL to play.

Mail entry by Fri.., 8/21/15

flyer & entry form


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Interested in how the ACBL formal disciplinary procedure

works at Unit 143 tournaments?

We use Zero Tolerance to deal with unacceptable behavior

Unfortunately, sometimes there are incidents of a more serious nature,

or patterns of offensive behavior that must be addressed in a more sever nature.


Read on to learn more...

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Unit Games

2015 Unit Game Schedule

Check participating locations.

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Unit 143 News

As a courtesy to our players, we will publish game cancellations of Edwardsville, IL Unit 223 games in the banner header if there is inclement weather.

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In Memoriam

It is with sadness we report the passing of


on July 17, 2015.

Obit and service information.


We will publish names of Unit members who pass away from us

and link to an obituary published for two weeks in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Please notify us


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Next Unit Board Meeting to be announced.

Olivette Community Center, Room 6, 7 PM

Review the recent Unit 143 IRS filing for 2013: Form 990-EZ

This is the current filing posted Jan. 2015.

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We added 8 new members last month.   

Welcome them when you see them at the table!

Unit membership is 1420
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District 8 News

Kudos to John & Shjirley Dicks who had the biggest game in Dist. 8

at the April 2 ACBL-wide Charity Game.  They had a 70.15% game!

Current District 8 Advocate Web newsletter

Youth Bridge Camp

Carlinville, IL

June 28 - July 3, 2015

Read full story

Congratulations to our 3 Scholarship Winners!

L to R: Benjamin Torio, & Ella Reising, first time campers

and Kaleigh Ishmael 3rd year camper!

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Adult Bridge Boot Camp

October 19-22

Camp Williamson in Carlinville, IL

Flyer and registration information

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Such a Deal!


2015 High School Youth Bridge Camp

Missouri Western State University, St. Joseph, MO


read the full story...

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Unit Masterpoint Races YTD

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Life Master Milestones

Kudos to:

*** New Life Masters ***

Screen Bean has a breakthrough.

Robert Daniels

*** New Bronze Life Masters ***

Barbara MacPeek

Peggy Stewart


*** New Silver Life Master ***

*** New Gold Life Master ***

*** New Diamond Life Master ***


Michael Carmen


*** New Emerald Life Master ***


*** New Platinum Life Master***


*** New Grand Life Master***


*** Other Advancers ***



Melissa Wegmann

Carol Wagner

Dan Rudman

Alice Nast

Walter May

Susan Fronckiewicz

Craig Cooke

Barbara Garrity

Nancy Harris

Catherine Howe

JoAnn McAnally

Elizabeth Studt

William Thompson

Patricia Vitale

Maureen Curran

Kenneth Kadel

Nancy Labrier

Annie Schlafly

Vicki Stringer

Rick Armstrong

Barbers Azzam

Marilyn Ells

William Carpenter

Allen Lobdell




The Colorado Springs analysis that they call

'Power Rankings'.

Frequently Asked Questions about Power Rankings.

Click here for our unit. 

This analysis will continue to be available on the Honor Rolls page;

in the future, you can access from News/Membership Services.

Photo Policy

Card Bar Separator

ACBL launches new Learn to Play Bridge

free download web application software

 Learn To Play Bridge can now be directly shared with friends and family

over the Internet. Play a hand and share it on Facebook, Twitter or through email!



Join the ACBL

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Bridge Hand of the Week

ACBL Bridge Bites

bridge articles - geared toward the beginner/newcomer bridge player

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Fringe Benefits of Bridge? Brainpower!!!

Playing your cards right can help keep you sharp long after retirement

by Jon Saraceno,  AARP Bulletin, March 2015

Bridge makes us use our brains.picture of brain

When doctors evaluate games that are most effective in

staving off dementia, bridge is always at the top of the list

Bridge players are the most successful agers on earth.

Although it cannot cure Alzheimer's, bridge is a wonderful game

to slow the onset and progression of Alzheimer's.

University of CA, Irvine       

Institute for Memory Impairments       

and Neurological Disorders       


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