299er Tournament March 2018


Thanks to tournament chair Mark Ziegelman and director Beth Percich, participants enjoyed good food and friendly competition at 66.5 tables on Saturday and Sunday.


Congratulations to all the participants. 

Congratulations to these winners in the 0 - 50 MP event:


1st in A:  Joan Marshall and Hedy Glover


1st in B:  Angela and Randy Dalton

Below are pictures of the 0 to 299 events trophy winners

(1st overall in A, B, and/or C) . 


Saturday Morning 1st in A

David Wells and John Gillis


Saturday Morning 1st in B

Fritz Gebhard and Joyce Beyer


Saturday Morning 1st in C

Harvey Rudman and Michael Walsh

Saturday Afternoon 1st in A and Sunday 1st in A

Karen and Zack Bettis


Saturday Afternoon 1st in B

Brad and Peggy Karner



Saturday Afternoon 1st in C

Susan and Kenneth Eiger

Sunday 1st in B and C

Ellen White and Nancy Hope




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