299er Tournament March 2017


As you can see from the collage on our home page (prepared by Unit member Pat Corich), a good time was had by all at the spring 299er. Thanks to tournament chair Mark Ziegelman and director Beth Percich, participants enjoyed good food and friendly competition at 58 tables on Saturday and 20 tables on Sunday.


Congratulations to all the participants.  Below are pictures of the winners. 


Saturday Morning A and B

Lydia Klein and Linda Breedlove

Columbia, Missouri

Saturday Morning C

Gerry Greiman and Bob Tucker


Saturday Morning 0-50 MP

Larry White and Michael Bobroff

Saturday Afternoon A and B

John Belfi and Dave Peterson


Saturday Afternoon C and

Sunday B and C

Mimi Menousek and Linda Patterson



Sunday A

Linda and Dan Evers




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