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Mike Arnheim

Bridge Haven

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Bridge Haven

Dian grew up playing cards with her family.  When she was in college, she played double decker pinochle every Sunday at her home, and in the college game room she was playing hearts, spades and rummy.  Her dad, who was a money bridge player, had learned to play bridge during his 18 months in a German prisoner of war camp, started teaching Dian bridge in her junior year of high school.

 Dian played socially and infrequently for several years.  She earned her  1st duplicate points at the American Women’s club in Tehran, Iran in 1972. It was a twelve table game and she placed 1stand received .90 point.  She still has that master point slip.  She took a bridge break to raise her son.   When she began playing duplicate in late 1990 she got hooked on bridge. She feels she has had the great privilege of meeting and knowing some truly great players.   Perhaps one of  the most memorable was  playing with Omar Sharif in Atlantic City in 1990.

She became Life Master in 1995 and is currently a  Silver Life Master.  She took the directors test in 2012 and became a director.  She runs the Boeing Wed. 6:30 pm game at Bridge Haven.




Dian Barker


Jo Chorpening, Director, Jay's Bridge Pad


Even though I grew up in a card-playing family, I wasn't introduced to bridge until 1968. My husband took his first job with Exxon Oil in Baytown, Texas, and our neighbor taught me bridge using four-card majors to open. When time permitted and as I progressed to the five-card major opener and some of the simple conventions I became interested in duplicate bridge. That first introduction was 14 years ago and there's been no going back.

This past November I became a Bronze Life Master and a Director. My goal is to provide a pleasant environment for the novice player. Maybe someday at least one of my four grandchildren will decide to try the game.


Picture of Mark Ehret

Mark Ehret

St. Louis Bridge Club

Mark Ehret has been playing since 1982 and became a Director 10 years ago. He learned bridge in college but had to give up bridge and go to work. Mark runs a Monday evening game and a Wednesday day game, both at Olivette Community Center. Prior to the game on Wednesday he gives a lesson regarding some aspect of bridge that he feels will help his players with their game. Mark is also available for private lessons. He is a silver life master. Mark's best memory of bridge is Fred McAvoy being his mentor. Fred (an experienced player) took Mark under his wing and helped him develop his game.

Bridge Haven

St. Louis Bridge Club

I am a bridge enthusiast. I really enjoy the competitiveness and the developing  friendships of the game. There is the immediate feed back in order to monitor your success or lack there of.


I joined the ABA in 1988 and ACBL in 1989. I have been an instructor/director for ABA for 20 years. ABA has presented me with

many meritorious awards, and 2 years ago I received the Life Membership Award, I will never have to pay annual dues ever.


Professionally I hold a M.A. Degree in Mathematics and a M.A. Degree in Computer Science. I taught high school mathematics for 37 years.


While teaching I developed and maintained a high school bridge club for eight years. My students participated in National Tournaments. If you meet an ABA player, chances are I taught her to play bridge.


I have been an ACBL instructor/ director for 5 years. I admire the top players that are fine tuning their game. They keep raising the bar to encourage players to try harder.


The new players are my favorites. They are full of wonder. They are brave and challenging. It’s amazing to actually see your own mind’s thinking capacity increasing.


I really enjoy playing bridge; but, like any other sport somebody has to referee; and, that’s why I became a director 20 years ago.


Hatchie Greene


    Lee Hastings

Bridge Haven

2nd - 5th Tuesday and Friday mornings

Lee's Deal and Play


8 Is Enough




I started playing duplicate bridge in the mid-70s and took up the hobby passionately the mid-80s. Bridge, specifically tournament bridge as we know it, faces numerous challenges to its viability as our current membership ages .

Additionally, I am an Diamond Life Master, an ACBL-certified teacher for bridge and Easybridge.  I am both a club director and the current owner of the Maryland Heights Monday morning game. I also run the 8 Is Enough and several games at Bridge Haven.

I love education and learning.  I have a BA in Business Administration and Economics, an MS in Risk Management and Insurance, an MBA with a concentration in Finance, the CPCU designation, and 7 insurance associate degrees. 

  • Former  President and board committees member for a non-for-profit adult day care organization
  • Current volunteer President of my homeowner’s association
  • Member of four national committees for insurance industry organizations directing

    projects and planning national seminars and meetings

  • Former member of audit and operations review committees for employers involved in merger and acquisitions of operations

I am married to Jennifer Luner and have three cats, Caesar, Cleopatra, and Charm(ian).



Bridge Haven


George Hawley has been an ACBL bridge director for many years.  

He is a certified ACBL Bridge Educator and has taught many classes for the Junior College System.  When giving lessons in North County he met his wife, Mary.  They have been playing bridge together ever since.  When George started directing his games, his son Matt and daughters, Becky and Sara  helped him.  At that time Matt was 6,Becky 12 and Sara was 16.  Thus, his children learned to play bridge at a young age.  Now, when he runs the  Swiss Teams on Sunday night

at Bridge Haven with Becky helping him, it is truly a family affair with everyone participating in the game.  George's Swiss Team is the fourth Sunday of the month.


George Hawley,

Rebecca Hawley






Marvin King

St. Louis Bridge Center

Games: Fri. 6:30p Open

Although I grew up in a bridge playing family, I didn’t become addicted until I was in my late teens. In 1964 my mother decided to take a sabbatical to Europe for months and invited me to come along with my father and sister. At first I declined, but several weeks later she asked me again and I agreed. The only problem was, she was going to Europe on $5 a day.

During my 9 months in Europe, we filled our days by seeing all the sites, not to mention every Zoo in every country, and we did a whole lot of walking. In the evening hours, there wasn’t much to do. After all, when you go to Europe on $5 a day, there’s not much money left for any kind of night life. So in the evening hours, we all laid around the hotel rooms teaching me how to play bridge. Can you imagine 3 Life Masters, almost every night for 9 months teaching you how to play this game?

When I got back to the states, I started playing every Tuesday night with my mother at the local club, and most weekends at neighboring tournaments. After a while I was becoming a very good player, and the family formed the “KING” team, who became a formidable opponent at all swiss teams and knock our events.

From 1970 to 1982 I owned and operated King’s Bridge Center in Torrance, California. King’s Bridge Center soon became a huge success, (my best month was 1,654 tables) and became the 3rd largest club in the nation. Along with owning the club, I have also directed at the tournament level, and have directed several bridge cruises.

Over the years I have always loved this game, but my real passion is to help any newer player improve. I’m pleased to join the St. Louis Bridge Center so I can continue my passion. 


Jeffco Bridge Club



Doug Larson


Jeffco Bridge Club

I started playing bridge (also poker, euchre, pinochle , hearts and spades etc.) in college.  After graduation and while  in the securities business I joined the St. Louis Bridge Club in north St. Louis.  I thought it would be a good way to meet women and improve my game. I was wrong on both issues.  I played socially and sporadically..  After retirement in 1997 I took an around-the world cruise with bridge instructors.  I learned 5 card majors and a little more.  I joined ACBL in 2001 and would attend selected regional and national sessions.  I met a man who is a  Gold Life Master who  took me under his wing; and as he was between wives we cruised  several times on Princess Cruise Lines  and he became a certified Cruise Director. As a result of this  we took 7 cruises on 4 continents.  My job was to bring the boards, play with little old ladies and sleep in the top bunk.  He then married again and I was replaced.  I joined Jeffco Bridge club and became a club director in 2012 and N. A..P. teacher in 2013.  I continue to take lessons and am working toward my Life Master status.  




Ray Lathe



Gary Moll

Jeffco Bridge Club



Rolla Duplicate Bridge Club

Rolla, MO


Bill is the new club manager in Rolla, as Daryl Fisher has moved to MS.  Bill's bio to follow.


Bill Morgan






Beth Percich

St. Louis Bridge Center

Sr. Director

I started running bridge games in 1981 with my grandpa, Ted Browne; however I did not learn to play the game right away. I first was taught to score (of course, by hand) and when I asked, “When will you teach me to play?” He said, “Later.”

Next I learned all of the wonderful movements of this game including a few of Grandpa's. Again, I asked, “When will you teach me to play?” and he said, “That's the easy part. You need to know the laws and rules of the game first.”- which I did and took the director's test. I asked again about playing and he said, “Now you need to learn the most important part of the game and that is everyone's name”.

After awhile I was finally allowed to kibitz but only the players who played strong 2's, 4 card majors and a nice straight Standard American game. Well, here I am -- more than 22 years later and loving it! I know my Grandpa would be proud.

J's Bridge Pad


My dad tried to introduce bridge to us kids back in India when I was 10 years old. It was completely over my head then, and some of you think it still is! Eventually, I started learning to play bridge during my graduate studies (EE) at St. Louis U.  Played Lunch Bridge for 35 plus years until, picked up duplicate in 2003.

 I always liked bridge but duplicate made me fall in love with it head over heels! Aptly, my wife calls bridge my mistress!  I got my ACBL teacher’s accreditation in 2010 and directorship 2011. I am a Ruby Life Master. 


My goal is to make bridge fun (and non-threatening) for novice players. Encourage the participation by the novice/beginner bridge players in tournaments. So far, I have had a good success in getting the novices to play in my game. In most of my games, C players out number A and B players combined. With considerate A and B players, novices have a great opportunity to learn. Two games for beginners with lessons is a great help towards my goal to make bridge a fun for novices. For more and latest information visit my website www.jbridge.info.



Jay Shah




Phyllis Siegel

Bridge Haven &

St. Louis Bridge Center

I am a ruby life master, certified bridge teacher, and ACBL director. I learned to play bridge at Washington University, but didn't start playing duplicate until I retired from teaching school. Then, I got caught by the "bridge bug". Once a teacher, always a teacher. I LOVE teaching.

I have been teaching Beginners' Bridge and Intermediate/ Party Bridge, pay & play classes, Intro to Duplicate, and Bridge in a Day, at the St Louis Community College, St Louis Bridge Center,  Affton Community Center, and on cruises.  I have also taught Bridge 4 Kids at local schools.  I am a teacher at Youth Bridge Camp in Carlinville, IL, and organizer and teacher at High School Bridge Camp in  St. Joseph, MO.   


Teaching bridge is my FUN job. I love when my students do well and have fun. I run a Swiss team game monthly, Bridge & lunch  game weekly, pot luck dinner &  bridge games, and novice-life master game every other month. Duplicate is an amazing game. We have an amazing St Louis bridge family, and we want you to be part of it. Bring a friend and join me at the bridge table. Such a deal!!!







Bridge Haven


Chuck Starovasnik started playing bridge in 1971.  He and his wife saw a 13-week course offered by Channel 9.  They took the course and started playing bridge.  Over time, his wife gave up the game, but Chuck continued and became a director in 1982.  He is an ACBL Silver Life Master and an ACBL accredited bridge teacher.  He currently enjoyed teaching and running bridge games on different cruise ships.  This has taken him to Europe, South American, Hawaii, Alaska, etc.  “Bridge has been very good to me.  I am lucky to have bridge in my life”.

George Hawley started Bridge Haven in 1993, and Chuck took over in 1998.  Bridge Haven has had several different locations.  The club is currently located in Hazelwood, MO. at interstate 270 and N. Lindbergh. 

Bit O'Bridge

& St. Louis Bridge Center

Mike and Janet Vontz learned the basics of bridge one weekend in 1988 when they were trapped at Mike's parents' home in Buttonwillow, California. It had been snowing in the mountains and I-5 was closed over the Grapevine. The Senior Vontzes thought they could make the frequent visits of their son and his girlfriend even more enjoyable if they would become bridge players. It would also make the duration of the snowstorm more tolerable.

Back home in Westlake Village, CA., Janet, a transplanted Missourian, immediately raided the local library and checked out six bridge books including Charles Goren's Precision System of Contract Bridge Bidding. The opening chapter made a compelling argument for its use, and Janet taught Mike the Precision bidding system. It was several years before Mike knew that there was another system of bidding. He is still quite lost when he plays Standard American. Soon they discovered duplicate bridge at a club in Thousand Oaks and became hooked.

Mike and Janet married in 1989, and started a family. They both realized that proximity of cousins and extended family would become even more important since between them they had twelve siblings and eventually twenty two nieces and nephews. The choice was either Janet's family in Missouri or Mike's in California. Since Mike had never experienced Missouri, they headed east and wound up in Lake Saint Louis, even though no one in Janet's family had a clue that bridge was anything but a structure built over water (and still doesn't). 

Photo of Mike & Janet Vontz

Mike &Janet Vontz

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